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New products of PNOS

You are welcome to read an article written by Mrs Agata Metera on our latest products. The article was presented in January issue of “Biznes Ogrodniczy”.


Magazines “Kocham ogród” and “Przepis na ogród” present articles on growing sprouts.

Biannual flowers

You are welcome to read the latest article written by Mrs Jolanta Kowalska on biannual flowers.

Leafy vegetables

Magazines “Przepis na Ogród” and “Kocham Ogród” presented the article on leafy vegetables written by Manager of PNOS Helpdesk – Mrs Justyna Stasiak. Enjoy the article!

Cultivation of MoravoSeed carrot

In November issue of magazine “Owoce Miękkie” there is an interview with Mr Michał Jelonek – producer of MoravoSeed vegetables.

Cultivation of MoravoSeed cultivars

You are welcome to read an interview with Mr Jan Marzetz, that was presented in January issue of magazine “Warzywa i Owoce Miękkie”. The producer recommends preferable vegetables for farming, including MroravoSeed cultivars.


A July issue of “Przepis na Ogród” and “Kocham Ogród” presented an article on cultivation of a pumpkin. Enjoy the article! A pumpkin is a vegetable that frequently is served on our tables. Botanically, as a utility plant, it occurs in several species: large pumpkin, standard pumpkin, cucurbita moschata and cucurbita ficifolia. A standard pumpkin […]

Leguminous vegetables

In a June issue of a magazine “Przepis na Ogród” and “Kocham Ogród” there is an article on legumes written by Mr Robert Bender – the President of the PNOS Board. Enjoy the article!      Recommended cultivars of leguminous vegetables Seeds of legumes contain the greatest amount of proteins among all farming vegetables. The […]


In May article of a magazine “Przepis na Ogród” and “Kocham Ogród” there was an article written by Main Producer, qualified engineer – Mr Jacek Siewierski, on the cultivation and cultivars of PNOS cucumbers. Enjoy the article! A cucumber is a vegetable which is often served on our tables. Cucumber fruit is a berry and […]

shop-in-shop by PNOS

In April issue of a monthly “Biznes Ogrodniczy” there was an article “Sell in order to earn”, written by Mrs Agnieszka Idziak – Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, that presents the system shop-in-shop of our company. Enjoy the article!

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